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Machine Operator - Shell Rock, IA

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Shell Rock, IA
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Job Duties and Accountabilities

Principal Functions of the Position:

The principal job functions of this position involves producing both finished goods and component parts used using various types of machining technology including conventional metal turning equipment, CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers and/or CNC lathes. This job also is responsible for complying with all production, quality and safety standards as defined in the Company’s guidelines, policies and procedures.  The daily job activities for this job are broken down as follows:

This job involves the operator being able to read blue prints and computer programs and be able to setup, modify and run component parts and finished goods using pre-programmed parameters on various types of CNC machining centers and lathes.  Having the ability to write machining programs is not required, however the operator must understand the basic programming so that periodic adjustments and/or modifications can be made at the work center during the run cycle. There will be times when the operator will use conventional metal turning machines or will be required to use of hand-held, electric, or pneumatic hand tools and measuring devices such as scales, micrometers and calipers. 


Physical Demands

This position requires require that the operator perform all loading and unloading procedures and have full range of motion in his/her arms, legs and shoulders in order to be able to handle the various sizes, configurations and shapes of the parts being machined or when lifting, loading or maneuvering parts in and out of fixtures or onto pallets.  Automated lifting devices such as hoists, forklifts, and cranes are available for use when weights exceed 50 lbs.


Education Requirements

Prefer an individual with a High School diploma (or GED) and some level of specialized advanced training in CNC Machining. This person must be able to successfully complete all applicable OSHA and/or company sponsored training courses on equipment, safety, forklift operation, and other standards required for performing this job.


Prerequisite Skills and Work Experience

This area is periodically monitored for housekeeping and safety practices. The assembler is responsible for maintaining a clean, neat and orderly work environment to minimize risk of accidents and violations of safety standards. Operators will wear OSHA approved safety glasses, steel-toed shoes and hearing protection as defined federal, state and company standards.