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Design Engineer - Shell Rock, IA

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Shell Rock, IA
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Job Duties and Accountability

Principal Function of the Position:

This individual will design, develop and support products through the product life cycle. From conceptualization, through production and customer support. They will be responsible for developing the appropriate tools, controls, equipment, fixtures and processes used in manufacturing of new products, contribute and/or determine the appropriate specifications and procedures used for layout, testing, and prototyping. In addition, this position is responsible for continuous improvement of other existing products via design modifications and the re-tooling of components, parts and/or systems used on those product lines.

This position will have some direct interaction / communications with outside vendors who are involved in the procurement of raw materials, component parts, and systems used in manufacturing of new and existing products, and will be the key link in working with and coordinating the involvement of other areas such as purchasing, planning, fabrication, production, quality assurance, and prototyping to ensure that the products produced are designed, tested, and manufactured to optimum performance standards within minimal product development time.

Primary Responsibilities of This Position:

  1. Develops multiple design solutions and CAD layouts to determine ideal design for new and existing products that meet manufacturing capabilities as well as high quality and customer expectations.
  2. Performs engineering calculations required to meet goals and expectations.
  3. Develop, determine, contribute and/or provide internal & external specifications, i.e. raw material, manufactured items, outsourced components.
  4. Provide / assist with direction and coordination of the manufacturing processes for prototype and production builds.
  5. Prepare accurate, complete and detailed Bill of Materials, part, weldment and assembly drawings.
  6. Manages multiple projects and Engineering Change Notices to meet project timelines.
  7. Contributes and/or determines processes involved in product development, i.e. prototyping, testing, and tooling.
  8. Assist other Unverferth departments to assure project success.

Secondary Responsibilities of This Position:

  1. Provides periodic project and documentation support as directed by Engineering Supervisor.
  2. Provides reports as required by the Director of Operations.
  3. Provides major project support for all areas as directed by senior management.


Physical Demands


Education Requirements

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, or another related engineering discipline with an emphasis on powered machinery. Individuals with an Associate degree in one or more engineering disciplines and 5-7 years of applicable experience in Agricultural equipment design and/or product development can be substituted for the advanced engineering degree. 


Prerequisite Skills and Work Experience