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Safety and EPA Coordinator - Shell Rock, IA

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Shell Rock, IA
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This position will be responsible for coordinating, monitoring and maintaining all programs processes and procedures as they relate to the safety, health, industrial hygiene and housekeeping for the Shell Rock facility. Those duties and responsibilities would include, but not be limited to, initiating, administering, monitoring and continuously improving upon established safety, ergonomic and health programs; insuring that employees, supervisors and managers are aware of, and comply with, all federal, state and local guidelines, procedures and protocols relating to the safe and effective operations of equipment, machinery and tools used in the fabrication, manufacture, coating and assembly of products produced in the Shell Rock Plant. In addition those safety, health and housekeeping issues this individual will also be accountable for coordinating, administrating and monitoring environment, fire safety and security protocols necessary to comply with applicable federal, state and local regulatory agencies, i.e. EPA, OSHA, NIOSH, etc.  As part of responsibilities of this position the individual will be responsible for continuously searching for means and methods to provide a work environment that is healthy, comfortable, safety, and ergonomically friendly.


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