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Design Engineer- Kalida, OH

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Kalida, OH
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This Kalida position will oversee the design process from product conceptualization and development to first production runs, as well as be responsible for developing the appropriate tools, controls, equipment, fixtures and processes used in manufacturing of new products and determining the appropriate specifications and procedures used for layout, testing, and prototyping.  In addition, this person is responsible for continuous improvement of existing products via design modifications and the re-tooling of components, parts and/or systems used on those product lines.

This position will have direct interaction / communications with outside vendors who are involved in the procurement of raw materials, component parts, and systems used in manufacturing new and existing products, and will be the key link in working with and coordinating the involvement of other areas such as sales, product management, fabrication, production, quality assurance, and prototyping to ensure that the products produced are designed, tested, and manufactured to optimum performance standards with minimal development time.


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