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Manufacturing Engineer - Shell Rock, IA

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Shell Rock, IA
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This position is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of all processes, procedures and systems used in determining the manufacturability of new product designs from conceptualization to first production runs, as well as coordinating like activities for redesigns, updates and/or improvements to existing products.  Included in those responsibilities are researching design criteria, determining specifications and procedures to be used in layout design, tooling, fixturing, prototyping and testing, and the integration and implementation of those protocols with both new and existing manufacturing processes and procedures. This position is also expected to develop and maintain accurate standard times for all processes.   Concurrent with these manufacturing process responsibilities, this position also will support quality assurance initiatives that are already implemented or being developed. Another critical function of this position will be supporting continuous initiatives in all areas and disciplines within the facility.


This position will require that an individual be capable of effectively communicating with managers, peers and co-workers at all levels within the organization and ensuring that products are designed, tested and manufactured to optimum performance standards with minimal product development time. Those areas and/or disciplines would include but-not-be-limited-to, design engineering, tooling, prototyping, manufacturing (production), quality assurance, planning and scheduling, transportation, procurement, inventory management, product support and sales.  This person must be able to encourage and promote lean concepts and provide the means for employees at all levels within the operation to give input, share ideas, raise questions and help make inform business decisions for continually improving programs, procedures and systems involved in overall manufacturing process.



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