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CNC Laser Operator - Kalida, OH

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Kalida, OH
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Shift: 2nd (Monday through Thursday)


Principal Function of the Position:

Provide machine programming, loading, material handling and parts finishing on the Laser.  Daily work activities on this job will vary according to product mix, production schedules and specific customer demands. This job is also responsible for communicating effectively with co-workers, complying with all federal state and local safety, EPA, OSHA standards, as well as all company defined policies practices and procedures.

The daily work activities for this position will be to set up and program the laser. Duties will also include material handling for the laser including loading and unloading steel from the machine, monitoring the operations while the machine is activated, and completing the daily laser assignments according to the production schedule.


Physical Demands:

This job will require occasional moving and lifting of parts and materials weighing up to 50 lbs. All other materials are to be moved with lift assist mechanisms such as cranes, hoist and forklifts which are available at all work stations and throughout the department. Employees are encouraged to use lifting devices whenever possible to avoid potential injury.


Education Requirements:

Prefer an individual with a High School diploma or GED.  It is preferred that the individual filling this role is specialized technical training and mechanical aptitude, which is beyond the normal operator orientation and on-the-job training. These operators may also be required to successfully complete any and all applicable OSHA and/or company sponsored training courses on equipment operation, safety, lift truck operation and chemical handling procedures which may be required as part of this overall job function.


Prerequisite Skills and Work Experience:

The work environment is clean, well-lighted and free of debris and obstructions, which could create difficulty in allowing free movement around the laser, hoists, storage areas, and other production equipment.  The area is regularly monitored to ensure good housekeeping practices.



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